May 11, 2016

Hot tea, cold mandarins, hot sauna.

Once all the main components of the sauna were in place, I started working on the creature comforts. Sure, there still trim to be done, the front porch to be build and more benches to be completed, but that can wait. As my friend's dad says, "there's nothing more permanent than temporary."

Since my sauna is a bit more modern with electricity and all, I thought it would be a great addition to get an electric tea kettle for making hot tea. We later found out that it was, in fact, a great addition to our sauna. After doing a few rounds in the hot room and cooling off, a hot cup of sweet tea makes you really feel good and helps to relax. An addition of one shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey mixed in to the hot tea helps to relax even more as well as takes care of the sweetness aspect.

One more food related item that works great in combination with a sauna are mandarins. In the winter, if you get your hands on a sack of mandarins, put the whole sack outside, in the snow, and let them chill. Then, between sauna rounds, have a mandarin. Not only does it taste great cold after a sauna, it also quenches your thirst.

Next time you're in a sauna-- give the above two suggestions a try, then let me know how they worked. Also, what do you do that's special in your sauna?

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  1. The mandarins sound like an interesting idea for a refreshment in the sauna! I think I'll try them. We used to enjoy root beer floats after taking a sauna.


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