Building an Outdoor Sauna DIY - Welcome!

Welcome to my sauna building blog. Some time in July of 2015, I ventured on a journey of building my outdoor wood burning sauna. I am not in construction by trade—quite the opposite—software development. I do, however, enjoy working on cars, building stuff and general repair of anything that falls on my lap. The internet is my usual go to place for answers and learning how to do things. However, I learned to be careful and take all the tips I read online with a grain of salt. So, when building my outdoor sauna, I wanted to try and document as much as I could so it would help someone who’s thinking of building one too. Admittedly, I did not fully succeed, as time was tight to build the sauna and sometimes, we were so focused on getting things done, that we later realized we forgot to take photos. So, as you’re reading my outdoor sauna build blog, feel free to comment or send me questions and I will try to respond. Comments are probably preferred, as answering any question you have would help anyone else having the same question.

Other names for sauna:

Bastu (Swedish)
Banya (Russian)
Jjim jjil bang (Korean)
Sweat lodge (N. Amer. Indian)
Temezcal (S.Amer. Indian)
Mushi-boro (Japanese)
Hammam (Arabic)
Caldarium or Laconium (Roman)
Schvitz (Yiddish)
Steam bath
Turkish bath
Irish bath

Below are some of the links I’ve found useful one way or another while researching or building my outdoor sauna:

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