Dec 14, 2015

AFTERTHOUGHT: Sauna insulation techniques and results.

Well, it has been close to a year, if not more, since we started using the sauna. You have seen in my previous post all the techniques I used for insulation. From baffles in the ceiling and 12” thick batts of insulation, to the bubble foil over fiberglass insulation, to only insulating one side of the dividing wall with bubble foil to prevent moisture trapping. Over all, I am very happy with our insulation work.

We have used the sauna in the -20F weather (actual temp—not wind chill). The sauna heats up to a nice 160F in about 1.5 hours in such conditions and has no problem hitting 200+F. It retains the heat very well, even in the changing room with the hot room door closed. Most of the time, we end up opening a window or two in the changing room once the hot room gets up to temp because it gets pretty warm even there.

Overall, having used the sauna in one of the coldest days of the year, I can honestly say I’m very happy with the insulation. Furthermore, you can tell the roof remains cold as there has been no ice dams and the roof stays uniformly covered with snow regardless of the sauna use.

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