Aug 5, 2015

AFTERTHOUGHT: Drilling the 48" deep holes for concrete piers for foundation

Having completed drilling the footings for the sauna building, I learned one thing. It is hard to control the speed, angle and depth while running the gas auger. You take the effort to carefully mark all the places the holes need to be drilled, but you get the auger positioned over the markings, start it up, and WAM! The auger goes where it wants to go—it’s possessed. Especially if it encounters rocks or roots, the auger can easily change direction. One thing I would suggest is, prior to drilling your marked holes, clear a little bit of the dirt with a shovel. You don’t have to go deep—about 6”-12” should do, but you will be able to be a lot more accurate with a shovel and once a small hole is dug, it will be harder for the auger to jump out and miss the mark when you start to drill.

Please comment below with any other suggestions you may have to make hole drilling more accurate.

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