Aug 12, 2015

Pressure Treated VS Treated to Refusal

I learned something new today. When I was at the store buying my 6x6 Pressure Treated posts for the foundation, I thought Pressure Treated is Pressure Treated. There were the rough 6"x6"x8' PT posts for $16 per post and there were the pretty smooth ones for $30 for the same size. Because I didn't care for the looks, I bought the cheaper ones-- 2 of them-- $30. While I was at the store again today, I was talking to the sales person and learned that there are 2 types of Pressure Treated wood. There's the Pressure Treated (fully) and Pressure Treated to Refusal (partially). That means the wood isn't fully treated through the inside and will not last as well or as long (I guess due to water contents of the wood or something, the chemicals don't penetrate fully). Unfortunately, I've already cut my 2 posts, so they're a waste now. However, I don't want to risk a crumbling foundation, so I guess I'll be buying new posts :) :(.

Not the right pressure treated wood.
Not the right pressure treated wood.

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