Mar 18, 2016

Sauna candle window.

The idea behind the candle window, at least as far as I understand, is simple. When you’re sitting in the hot room, you want to relax. A bright light shining in your eyes won’t help you. However, if you put a candle next to the glass through the hot room, it’ll provide just enough light to see, as well as improve your relaxation experience.

There are only a few things to keep in mind here. First, the glass needs to be made out of tempered quarter inch glass. Tempered glass can withstand something like 400F+ or about 200F more than you need. Second, the placement of the glass in to the framed window opening should be slightly off center to provide space on the window sill on the changing room side to actually put candles. Other than that, simply frame the glass in using half inch trim cut at 45 degrees and repeat on both side. That will hold the glass securely in place. One note of advice, I recommend using electronic flame-less candles—it’s just safer :)

Sauna candle window installed and framed.
Sauna candle window installed and framed. Notice the slight offset towards the hot room to provide a sill to put candles and stuff.

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